Friendly Reminder

I have a trip coming up in a couple days. It’s actually one that I’ve been kind of dreading for a while, and the only reason for that is money. Now that it’s getting closer I’ve been realizing how selfish that is.

I guess I should give more detail about my trip. It’s a four day bachelor party trip to Vegas for a college baseball teammate and best friend. This will be my fourth trip to Vegas so the allure of the city/trap doesn’t have much affect on me anymore (Side Note: Going home broke the previous 3 times will do that to a guy) . The anticipation of this trip is building and giving me the same feeling as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve , albeit not for the same reasons as the last few times I’ve been there.

It’s not the lights. Not the partying. And not even the the small chance of getting on a heater at the black jack table and actually having money in my pocket on the plane ride home that’s got me excited. It’s my friends and the love that I have for them. I have a very small number of close friends, and due to us meeting in college and each of us being from different states we rarely get to see eachother anymore.

Sometimes being so caught up with my main job, and recently starting a side business, and making time to spend with Shannon, that’s my girlfriend btw, it causes me to forget how important these people are to me. So to Mike, Cameron, Caleb, Ant, and Dante, I can’t wait to catch up this weekend and reminisce on the good ol’ day when we were busy getting our ass kicked on the baseball field.


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